New Breakout Signal

The MTF Cycle Trader indicator for TradingView

I am a real trader who makes several trades every day. All the indicators I code and share with my subscribers is what I personally use to make money in the stock market.

I have never seen any indicator that would be able to accurately catch tops and bottoms. This is why I had to develop my own indicator:

The best type of topping signals are Extreme Overbought on Daily or Weekly and Extreme Oversold on Daily and Weekly.

But I always wanted to be able to find breakout setups. Today I made a huge leap and published an updated version of the MTF Cycle Trader indicator that now is capable of detecting a breakout setup:

AMZN 30 min

Note that pink label “Breakout” that pinpointed a great entry point several hours before AMZN exploded on earnings!

META 30 min chart

This is another great entry point in META that would allow you to ride extension of the rally that happened today, April 27, 2023!

It nicely nailed a long entry in QQQ before it started to accelerate:

QQQ 30 min chart, April 27 2023

You can subscribe to the MTF Cycle Trader Indicator for TradingView here. With subscription to the indicator you will get access to the trading chat room where a bot posts live signals on a number of indices, ETFs and stocks.

Stay tuned, I keep working on new improvements in my indicators!

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